Slime sunday


Gm readersΒ  πŸ™‚ IDK if your kids are into slime, my oldest daughter (Leilany) got into slime from kids at school and she started making her own with help of how-to videos. Now she has enough knowledge to help her younger sister(Shanney) my 2nd daughter with her own slime, its kinda fun to play with […]

New month ?

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Gm my fellow readers , it has been a busy/productive last few days so pardon me for not updating with new contents. As we enter a new month, new day, be thankful and blessed for what you have and alive to see another day. Hope everyone has great day ?

Thurgood Thursday

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Listening to one of my favorite Boston’s radio stations in the morning 87.7FM inspired me to tell my readers a little bit information on why I call it “Thurgood Thursday ” in honor of THURGOOD MARSHALL-Β Thurgood MarshallΒ was an American lawyer, serving as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from October 1967 […]

Wednesday fact

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HAPPY WEDNESDAY , I found this and I had to share not only because its interesting but as someone who has school debt and eventually would like to have higher credit score own properties (someday) I will dig more into this for sure.

Back to work

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GM fellow Bloggers , today is my Monday and I’m back to the grind like most of us that still work 9-5 jobs. I’m not lazy by far but I’m honest with myself and I would like to get paid to work from home , I’m not there yet but I’m focused on my goals […]